Monday, October 27, 2014

Connect LocalDB using Visual Studio

Today let me answer few interview question and answer about local DB. We are going to cover, What is LocalDB? How to start LocalDB? How to stop LocalDB? How to connect LocalDB from visual Studio? How to create tables in LocalDB using Visual Studio.
Lets start with what is Local DB?
In earlier version Visual Studio installation SQL express edition gets installed automatically. People were really confused with this database and was having difficult time in connecting and managing this database. So from Visual Studio 2012 onwards Microsoft decided to have LocalDB engine in place of SQL Server express. This is a very light weight database with a minimum set of files required to create a database and it will directly tied up with the project it is attached to.
Lets see how to start LocalDB.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to add additional disk in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

Today lets see how to add additional disk in your windows azure virtual machine. If you are a cloud architect then this will be one of the very common activity you may do periodically.
Lets start with step by step.
As usual first you have to login to your Azure account. Once you login directly go to the Virtual machine section and select the machine on which you wanted to add the additional disk space.