Sunday, January 10, 2016

Build failed without any error in Visual Studio 2013 update 4

This is one of the very strange error you may find sometimes. Especially when you build a new system or when you install visual studio 2013 first time.

There are many reasons for this error. If you search in Google you may find many solutions here I am going to give you a different solution which worked for me after a thorough investigation.

What happened in my case was, when I open Visual Studio 2013 it shows as running in Administrator mode, but actually it is not. I didn’t right click and run as administrator while opening Visual Studio.


Now if you build your application which require administrator rights your build may fail. Again not always and not all projects.

So to resolve this issue what you have to do is open Visual Studio in Administrator mode. Just right click on the Visual Studio 2013 from the start menu and click on Run as Administrator. Now you try to build the project which failed without any error. It must work.


I hope it helps, as I mentioned at the top this is not the only solution to this problem, but this is definitely one of the solution which worked for me. So thought of sharing with you all.