Monday, July 7, 2014

What is KUDU - Windows Azure Web Sites analysis tool

When I got to know about this KUDU I was thinking who named this KUDU! You also might be thinking about this. But here we are not going to discuss that…we will see what is the use of KUDU and how we can use this in our Azure website.
What is KUDU —> KUDU is a very user friendly troubleshooting and analysis tools for Windows Azure Web Sites.
Now we will see how to access KUDU console of your azure website. It is a very simple method.
Open the deployed website first and then add .scm just before the
For example if your website URL is “” your KUDU console URL will be
Once you open the KUDU console you can see the complete configuration about your Azure website.
Below is the screen print of my Azure website KUDU console.

In the above screen you can navigate to to the available links to see the complete configuration of your Azure website. I doubt I need to give any explanation on each every item as most of the links are self explanatory.
Just try the option Debug Console and see how power shell or command prompt works here. It will be nice to execute few basic Power shell commands.
Once you  power shell your screen will be like below where you can enter the power shell commands
Also you can find the complete information about this console in KUDU Wiki
I hope you may find KUDU console a very helpful tool to do the analysis of your Azure websites.

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