Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Role based access in Windows Azure

This is one of the demand every subscriber was asking to Microsoft and finally they came up with the proper solution. So now you don’t need to have multiple subscription for development, test and production. Everything can be managed by single subscription.

Today I will be taking you through the simple steps to add the users with different rights in Windows azure.

Windows Azure has got 3 roles now,

To add to this roles, Microsoft suggest you to configure Active directory with these roles and add the users to this active directory group.

For example, If you would like to add the user “Martin” then you need to him to the active directory to the respective role, i.e. read, write or contributor role. Once you add him to the AD then his name can be selected from the Azure.

Lets see how can you select the existing AD user or how you can add a guest user.

In order to add the users first click on Browse—>Everything and then click on the item “Subscriptions…”. This will show all the subscriptions you have in your account in case you have multiple subscriptions.
Select the subscription you wanted to add the user. Once you select the subscription it will show the roles in the right pane. Now select the role you wanted to add the user.

If you wanted to add a read only user then click on the reader option. This will again open a right pane to add the user.

Click on the ADD button to add the user from the Active directory. As soon as you type in if the user is part of the Active Directory which is synced with the Azure it will automatically pops up.

Here you will find an option to invite the user as well. If the user already have a Microsoft account you may use that to provide Azure access.

I hope you are very clear about the steps you need to follow to provide role based access to Windows Azure.

I have a further reading link in case you require more information regarding this. 

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