Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Encrypt Managed Disks using Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE)

Microsoft keeps adding more and more security features in Azure and the latest addition to that is the Azure "Storage Service Encryption"

Today we will see how to enable the Azure storage encryption.

Within 3 to 4 clicks we will be able to encrypt the storage account.

Lets login to the Azure account first. Once you login click on the "Storage Accounts" Menu.

New blade will be opened with all the available storage account you have created.

Storage Accounts

Now you select the storage account you want to encrypt, you will find the Encryption option, just click on the "Encryption" option.

Here in the right pane you will be able to Enable or Disable the Encryption. At present this feature is available for Azure Blobs and Files.

But nothing to worry more options are going to come soon.

Also you need to keep it in your mind that once you Enable the encryption only new Data will be encrypted, all the existing files will remain as it is.

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