Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to add ASP.NET projects in Visual Studio online

Yesterday we learned how to create project in Visual Studio online and how to create local work space for that project. If you have learned that please go through my earlier article “How to create projects in Visual Studio Online”.

Today What we are going to do is, we will add complete ASP.NET project to the Visual Studio online project we have created yesterday.

For that first what we have to do is, if you already have a project then just copy the code into the local work space. Otherwise create a new project and save the project in your local workspace.
Here in my example I have already a project so I am copying the code from my original location to the local workspace.

Once you move the project to your local work space then open Visual Studio and then open the solution/Project we just copied in to the local workspace.

Once you open the solution click on TEAM menu and select “Connect to Team Foundation Server…”

Now it is time to Sync the code in VS online project which we created. Click On the “Changes” option and then Click on the Add All button to include all the files. You may nitice that as soon as you click on Add All, all the file be added to the “Included Changes”.
Now you enter the comment for the commit and click on “Commit” button.
Once it is committed you will get a message your commit is created locally. Sync to share your changes with the server.
Just click on the Sync link to open the Sync page and now you can see the button with the name “Sync”. Just click on it to Sync the code.
As soon you click on the Sync code you can see the progress of your code syncing. It may take some time depends on the project size and of course your internet speed as it will be uploaded to Visual Studio online account.
Once committing is completed you will get a successfully committed the change message and you are done!
Just login to your Visual Studio online account and see the code you have committed.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Tomorrow we will see how to commit the changes, how to add team members etc.



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